Pastor’s Corner: “ASSIGNMENT CONTINUED” reminder

Nursing Home and facilities have endured much longer and harsher shutdowns than the rest of society. Even now, as many of us return to work and church, many people in long-term care facilities are stuck inside, some confined to their own personal rooms. No family. No visitors. 

Nursing homes and long-term care facilities can be an incredible blessing. In fact, they’re a legacy of how Christ and His Church has taught the world to value all life. But these facilities cannot stand in for the personal care and attention we owe our elderly loved ones and neighbors. Too often, those in long-term homes are “out-of-sight, out-of-mind” for the rest us.  

Though we may not be able to visit right now, we can still serve these family and neighbors in creative ways. Churches can adopt nearby homes and commit to writing letters to residents. We can donate food for the elderly and the staff who care for them. We can call. When circumstances permit again, we can visit through windows or in outdoor spaces. And we can pray for these our brothers and sisters who are suffering from isolation. When doors reopen, let’s flood these facilities with visitors, in Jesus’ name. 

Although we are gifted differently by the Lord, this is something we can all do. Please take the time this week to allow Jesus to show His love through you!


Write Five Letters: one to each 

Jerry Brown 

Sandy Henaghan 

Betty (Becky Johnson’s mom) 


One letter (un-named – Dear Friend…) to pass out to other residents in Angel-Care facility 

Iliana Miranda

Please email to:  or hand in on Sunday.

In His Grace,

Pastor Hamilton